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Since acquiring Flexolite - the oil filter adaptor and flexible hose specialist - last year, we have been working on a new website that offers a wide range of service items (including spark plugs, oil filters, fuel pump repair kits and ignition parts) as well as an expanded range of electrical accessories, tools and consumables. Please visit for further details and thank you for your support.

BMC 1.5 Litre Diesel

The BMC 1.5 litre diesel engine is based on the 1.5 litre (1,489 cc) B-Series four-cylinder petrol engine. It was used in the Austin A60 and proved a popular base engine for marinising and for generator set applications. Marinised versions include the Thornycroft 90 and 90/2 engines, the Tempest Newage Captain and the Westerbeke Four-90 & W30. The marinised engines are extensively used in narrow boats. Classic Engine Parts has remanufactured a number of major parts for these engines and offers virtually all categories of spares to assist with their maintenance and rebuild.

Through the course of the engine’s history, three camshafts, two oil pumps and three water pumps were used - the most common variants are included in the parts list below:

Part Description Part Number Note
Piston Ring Sets R17710
Crankshaft Front Seal NA473
Crankshaft Rear Seal NB293
Cam Follower FOL05
Head Gasket Set CE780 Supplied with Flat and Cup Stem Seals
Bottom End Set EE781
Big End Bearing B4402
Main Bearing M3297
Thrust Washer W2010SA
Pistons 498906 Available STD, 020, 030, 040,060
Cam Bearings C3023 Most Common - available STD or UNB
Small End Buses S4603L
Inlet Valves (early) 3721 10mm Cotter Groove
Exhaust Valves (early) 3722 10mm Cotter Groove
Inlet Valves (late) 34945 2.5mm Cotter Groove
Exhaust Valves (late) 34946 2.5mm Cotter Groove
Valve Guides G50909
Oil Pump POL741 Later alloy type
Water Pump QCP178 Most common version (1963 to 1976)
Starter Ring Gear D94F 10.575" ID - 1962 to early 1966
D97F 11.105" ID - 1966 on
Timing Chain Tensioner TCT605
Valve Springs 451.609
Rocker Shaft RS11G62 STD, + 005" and Tuftrided available
Rocker Arm RA12H3377
Timing Chain TD54

Order on line or contact us for further technical assistance

Reliant Engine Spares

Reliant started production with JAP engines in 1935, later using the Austin 7 engine for a year before introducing a 747cc side valve engine based on the Austin engine. In 1962 Reliant introduced their 600cc OHV engine, which became the 700 cc in 1968, 750cc in 1972 and 850cc in 1975 – continuing in production until 2002. Classic Engine Parts offer a comprehensive range of engine parts for the popular 750 and 850 cc OHV engines, with good coverage for the 600 and 700cc OHV variants as well.

750 and 850cc OHV Engines

Part Description Part Number Note
Piston Ring Sets R27146 Remanufactured by GBH at STD and 020
Crankshaft Front Seal NA207
Crankshaft Rear Seal NB796
Cam follower FOL04 Remanufactured by GBH with oil hole
Head Gasket Set CK620
Bottom End Set EH150
Big End Bearing B4243
Main Bearing (750) M3333
Main Bearing (850) M3428
Thrust Washer W2010
Pistons 19743 Supplied at STD with or without liner set
Cam Bearings C3058 S
Small End Buses S4611L
Inlet Valves (750) 33808
Exhaust Valves (750) 33809 Or 34442
Inlet Valves (850) 34941
Exhaust Valves (850) 34942
Valve Guides G50755
Oil Pump POL600
Starter Ring Gear N100/10R
Timing Chain TS50

With these Reliant engines used extensively in racing, we have the parts you needed to keep your vehicle going.

New parts for MK I, II and III Ford Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac

Classic Engine Parts offer many additional Ford engine parts to compliment the range offered by Small Ford Spares and Classic Ford Spares, providing a comprehensive selection for all MKs of Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac. We invest in the development of new parts to address the growing shortage of ‘new old’ stock and ensure these vehicles remain well served:

  • Pistons – Replacement for AE Piston set number 16215 (which may also be used as 16305 and 12586) for the 4 and 6 cylinder Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac MKII and III engines in sizes STD to 060. Our high quality pistons are supplied complete with rings, gudgeon pins and circlips in 4 or 6 cylinder sets (Ford Number 211E-6102)

  • Rocker Gear – We stock rocker shafts for the 4 and 6 cylinder MKI, II and III engines. Rocker arms for the same engines are in development and will be available in February 2020.

  • Main Bearings – M4110 bi metal main bearing for the MkII and MkIII Zephyr and Zodiac in STD, 010, 020, 030. This bearing can be used in place of M4205, the MK III version of the MKII bearing M4110, as well as in place of M3322 and M3166 - discarding one pair of shells - for the 4 cylinder Consul MKII and Zephyr 4. We also hold significant ‘new old’ stocks of bearings for these vehicles - as well as the MKI and IV versions - in other sizes, as well as the heavy duty bearing variants

  • Big End Bearings – B6193 bi metal big end bearing for the MkII Zephyr and Zodiac in STD, 010, 020, 030 and B6363 bi metal big end bearing for the MkIII Zephyr and Zodiac also in STD, 010, 020, 030. We also hold significant ‘new old’ stocks of bearings for these vehicles - including the MKI and MKIV versions - in other sizes, as well as heavy duty bearing variants.

  • Cam gear – We have re-manufactured camshafts for the MKI, II and III Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac engines. These items are based on unused patterns and produced to even tighter tolerances than the original items from high grade billet steel SAE5120; EN c20MnCr5. We also offer high quality remanufactured cam followers for the same engines.

In addition to the above newly developed items we offer many more parts, including valves, guides and springs, for early and later models also. Please visit and to browse the full range of parts and accessories we offer for Model Y, C, 7W, E93A, E493A, 100E, 105E, 107E, 123E, E83W, 300E, 307E, 309E as well as the Consul, Zephyr, Zodiac models and Consul Classic (315), Consul Capri, Corsair and Cortina MK1.

Huge range of spares for MG, Triumph, Jaguar and Austin Healey

Classic Engine Parts stocks a comprehensive range of engine parts for classic British sports cars from MG, Triumph, Jaguar and Austin Healey. We can provide virtually all the engine parts in our range for:

  • MG – T Series (TA to TF), MGA (1500, 1588 and 1622cc) MGB and MGB GT, MGC and Midget (948, 1098, 1275 and 1500cc)
  • Triumph – TR2, TR3, TR4, TR4A, TR5, TR6, TR7, TR8 GT6 MKI-MKIII, Vitesse 1600 and 2.0 MKI and II, T2000/2500 MKII, Stag, Spitfire MKI-IV and 1500, Herald 948, 1200 and 1300, Dolomite 1300, 1500, 1850 and Sprint
  • Jaguar – 2.4, 2.8. 3.4, 3.8, 4.2 XK Engines, XJ6 3.4 XK Engine, 2.9, 3.2, 3.6, 4.0 AJ 6 Cylinder Engines, V12 Pre HE and HE Engines and Daimler 250 V8 Dart
  • Austin Healey – 100/4, 100/6, 3000, Sprite 948, 1098 and 1275

As well as for Classic Mini and Morris Minor 803, 948 and 1098

We can also source many other items for these vehicles on request including – Fuel, Ignition, Clutch and Brake systems parts, Switches, Engine and Body Electrical as well as Steering and Suspension components. Please get in touch with your specific requirements.