Individual Piston Rings

We hold a huge range of individual compression and oil rings, originally manufactured by Hepolite, Wellworthy, Covmo and many others. Please use the tool below to place an order for the rings you require, noting that some size combinations may not be available and there are limited stocks of other variants. The order tool allows selection of ring type as well as diameters from 43 to 123mm, in a range of common thicknesses – please email us if your piston ring requirement falls outside the size range indicated and we will check our stocks for you. Piston ring prices range from £5 to £13.50 plus VAT depending on diameter and thickness. If we do not have the rings you have ordered you will be informed by email - your order will not be processed and you will not be charged. If we can only fulfil part of your order, you will be advised by email and asked whether you wish to proceed with a part order. GBH Spares does not take payment for goods until they are dispatched. Finally, due to the size and variety of our piston ring range, please allow time for us to check your requirement against our stocks.

We can also assemble bespoke piston ring sets from individual rings - for some older vehicles where kit sets are no longer available. Please email details of your requirement and we will advise price and availability. Due to the time taken to identify the necessary rings and assemble a set, the minimum charge for this service is £110 plus VAT for a four cylinder 3 ring piston set, up to a 65mm bore size – with price increasing with ring size and number.

Piston Ring Order Form Instructions

Ring design

Compression rings are available in many types of design- plain, tapered on periphery, stepped internally, ridge dodger etc. You will be supplied with what is available for your chosen diameter and width unless you include details of a more specific requirement. Oil ring types also vary, through the two main varieties are one piece and three piece - either may be supplied unless you specify otherwise. Piston ring joints also vary and you will be supplied with what is available for your diameter and width selection unless you include details of a specific requirement. Please note that including specific requirements beyond diameter and width may limit our ability to supply the rings you require.

Ring diameter – The outside diameter of the piston ring

Using the drop down menu, enter either an imperial ring diameter plus an oversize, or an absolute metric diameter including the over size (Oversizes - 0.010” = 0.25mm, 0.020” = 0.5mm, 0.030” = 0.75mm, 0.040” = 1mm, 0.050” = 1.25mm, 0.060” = 1.5mm, 0.070” = 1.75mm, 0.080” = 2mm, 0.090” = 2.25mm). Where you specify an imperial diameter with an oversize, we will select that ring where available. Where it is not, we will supply the next largest metric size e.g. a 3 ½” diameter ring +030” over size is 89.66mm diameter. If this exact size of imperial ring is not available, you will be supplied with a 89.75mm diameter ring unless you specify that is not acceptable.

Ring Width – The ‘height’ of the piston ring

Using the drop down menus, enter either an imperial or metric ring width. We will only supply rings of the exact width you request, unless you specify you will accept the nearest smaller imperial or metric size.

Maximum Radial Thickness – The radial thickness of the piston ring

This requirement is determined by the depth of the ring groove in the piston relative to the engine bore size. Please note that you will be supplied with a ring that matches only your chosen ring diameter and width - unless you specify a maximum radial thickness and a tolerance in the selection process. Again, please note that including a specific radial thickness dimension may limit our ability to supply the rings you require.


Piston rings are made from a range of materials, though cast iron is used predominantly due to its inherent wear resistance and strength. Some piston rings are chrome plated on the periphery and/or on one/both side faces to lengthen ring and groove life. The steel rails of Apex and Duaflex Oil Control rings are chromium plated on their fully radiused edges. Please note that CHROMIUM PLATED RINGS MUST NOT BE FITTED IN CHROMIUM PLATED BORES. If you have a chrome plated bore, please indicate this in the selection process, so cast iron (or other suitable material) piston rings are selected for your order.


Individual Piston Rings - Individual Piston Ring Form


Individual Piston Ring Form

Ring Design

Note - specific requirements may limit availability
Ring Diameter

Outer diameter, including oversize.
Or - Imperial (closest metric value will be shown above).
## mm

Tick box only if you will NOT accept nearest larger metric size (within 0.010").
Ring Width

Or -Imperial dimensions (closest metric value will be shown above).
## mm

Tick box only if you WILL accept the nearest smaller metric or imperial size should your selection not be available.
Maximum Radial Thickness

We will supply what is available based on your ring diameter and width selections alone, unless you enter a specific requirement here.
@ £12.50/  Each  (exc. VAT)  (inc. VAT @ 20%)
Total: £